Memorials: Family  Stories

Here you will find a list of Memorials made to NHPP, Inc. in memory of these former students and local people.

NHPP, Inc. is a 501-C-3 non-profit and all donations made as memorials are tax deductible, as are any donation for which you do not receive goods.  

We have an "In Loving Memory" program for memorials.  When an individual has at least $100 donated in their name they are eligible for our In Loving Memory book, to be printed as we have enough stories to fill it. Each issue will carry at least 200 stories.  We are currently working on the first issue. This web page will feature some of those stories.

The only requirements for inclusion is that the deceased person must have ben born, lived OR died in Montgomery County, Arkansas.  It does not matter how many years they have been deceased. So you might want to contribute a memorial for one of your ancestors several generations back.  

The stories are written from information provided by the family, as well as information available in published sources, such as census, marriage, and newspaper records.

We invite you to participate.

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